OpenMP 4.5 released, w/ some articles and videos on it

You should have heard by now that OpenMP 4.5 has finally been released, you can find the official statement on It turned out to be more of a major release than initially anticipated, hence the OpenMP Language Committee decided to jump to version 4.5 over the originally anticipated 4.1.

If you are fine with reading a German article, my friend Michael Klemm and I have written an overview piece discussing the most important changes and new additions (from our point of view), including some code examples. It has been published at heise Developer here:

At SC15, I had the opportunity to give a talk at the OpenMP booth. I decided to review the Tasking feature in OpenMP, and very briefly give an overview about all the new Tasking-related goodies that made their way into OpenMP 4.5. The video has been released on youtube and the slide are also available: